Medical tattoos in Austria

Celebrity tattoo artist Mario Barth returned to Graz to introduce a new perspective on breast reconstruction to women. "It's a new way of life," stated Gundrun H., who Barth worked on.
Gundrun had survived breast cancer, which led to the removal of her left breast. She decided to have her breast reconstructed; however, as Gundrun tells us, when she looked in the mirror something was missing — that something was her left aerola. She decided to seek out Mario Barth to go under the needle, the tattoo needle that is. Barth, who has been tattooing for over 30 years and is a name that celebrities go to when seeking the best in the business.
Gundrun was the first of Mario's patients at the Grazer LKH-Uniklinik to get an aerola and 3D nipple tattoo. "I've been involved with medical tattooing in the USA for ten years, tattooing many women," said Barth. The collaboration between the clinic in Graz and Barth began with Barth's friendship with surgeon Thomas Rappl from the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and his passion for tattoos and helping women. "Being a tattoo artist is one thing, but if you really can help people with your tattoos, it is an emotional satisfaction that supercedes any form of payment."
Using special technology that achieves a 3D effect and accurate color selection, Barth recreates aereolas and nipples, which at first glance cannot be differentiated between real ones and those created by Barth.
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