Mario Barth Tattoos Jim Jones at Starlight

Jim Jones came by Starlight Tattoo to start his back piece. Mario lined his whole back in one sitting. Mario is currently working Jim Jones on his back piece on a regular basis.
To date, despite Mario's reputation for being able to tattoo quickly, Jim Jones has logged over 20 hours on this back piece and still has about 40 - 50 left to go. Mario has a talent for getting color to show up beautifully, even on dark skin. Jim Jones is very patient and cool throughout the entire process, as you'll see he even starts rapping during the session.
When everyone is in their element, doing what they do best, Starlight Tattoo is a great place to be, you can almost feel the energy in the air. And you never know when you just might run into Mario working on Jim Jones while you're at one of our shops.