Mario Barth and Red Bull Truck Race Trophy Join Teams

Mario Barth presents the trophy at the "Red Bull Truck Race Trophy". With more than 20,000 people in attendance, it was truly an event to see. Semi trucks racing full speed to the finish line.

Mario Barth brought his team from Mario Barth Tattoo Salon Graz to tattoo. Spectators who were lucky enough got the chance to sit in the chair. Along with tattooing they also put on a fashion show displaying the high end tattoo inspired lifestyle brand. Barth is looking forward to working with Red Bull Project Spielberg at future events to bring tattooing and Red Bull extreme sports together.

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Mario Barth and Sisi from Madame Tussauds

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Why did Madame Tussaud and Mario Barth team up? To create an 18th century tattoo of course. Madame Tussaud arrived at Barth's tattoo studio in Graz to unveil the creation of the wax figure of Austria's own Empress Sisi and her new tattoo.

Barth created the small anchor on Empress Sisi's left shoulder blade. From what is known from historical sources, Empress Elisabeth (1837-1898) had received a tattoo about 10 years before her death in a small room of a harbour dugout. Arabella Kruschinski, managing director of Madame Tussauds in Vienna, traveled to Graz with the 200,000 euro original wax figure. If Empress Elisabeth had lived 180 years later, she would definitely have gone to Mario Barth for her tattoo. She would have demanded the Styrian icon to be the K.U.K. royal tattoo artist, which today operates several tattoo studios in the United States, to pursue his imperial-royal office.

"I would invite her to one of my tattoo studios and she would be given the royal treatment and VIP experience," said Barth after his encounter with the Empress of Austria.

Today, however, Barth would no longer choose the slender single-colored anchor; he would like to tattoo a more realistic looking anchor with a colorful design with an anchor chain of diamonds. "Sisi was a feminist," says Barth, who emphasizes that he never wants to influence his customers in real situations with their choice of tattoos.

With that being said, he didn't need to influence Sisi's biggest fan when she decided to get the same single colored anchor.

After drawing the original on Sisi's left shoulder, Marisa Ortner (Sisi and Barth's biggest fan) received a tattoo from the artist. She is the first to get Mario Barth's Sisi anchor tattoo. She has been a Sisi fan since the musical Elisabeth. Today she has fulfilled two dreams: a tattoo from Mario Barth, which in turns gives her a lifelong connectio with her idol (Sisi).

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Medical Tattoos in Austria

Medical Tattoos in Austria with Mario Barth

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Celebrity tattoo artist Mario Barth returned to Graz to introduce a new perspective on breast reconstruction to women. "It's a new way of life," stated Gundrun H., who Barth worked on.

Gundrun had survived breast cancer, which led to the removal of her left breast. She decided to have her breast reconstructed; however, as Gundrun tells us, when she looked in the mirror something was missing — that something was her left aerola. She decided to seek out Mario Barth to go under the needle, the tattoo needle that is. Barth, who has been tattooing for over 30 years and is a name that celebrities go to when seeking the best in the business.

Gundrun was the first of Mario's patients at the Grazer LKH-Uniklinik to get an aerola and 3D nipple tattoo. "I've been involved with medical tattooing in the USA for ten years, tattooing many women," said Barth. The collaboration between the clinic in Graz and Barth began with Barth's friendship with surgeon Thomas Rappl from the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and his passion for tattoos and helping women. "Being a tattoo artist is one thing, but if you really can help people with your tattoos, it is an emotional satisfaction that supercedes any form of payment."

Using special technology that achieves a 3D effect and accurate color selection, Barth recreates aereolas and nipples, which at first glance cannot be differentiated between real ones and those created by Barth.

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Foxwoods Casino: A Gamble That Paid Off

Just like Vegas, casinos on the East coast have had to reinvent themselves. They can no longer just focus on gamblers. Rather, they have to diversify and attract those who want to spend as much money on food and entertainment as they do on slots and poker tables.

Foxwoods recently welcomed celebrity chef Fieri to its lineup. Cat Cora, of Iron Chef America fame, is opening a wine bar soon. David Burke already has a steakhouse.

To appeal to Millennials, Foxwoods has added the Shrine nightclub and a tattoo parlor called King Ink by celebrity tattooist Mario Barth.

“That’s the future,” says Monique Sebastian. “When we look at the next generation, they are amenity driven. Gaming comes second.”

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Mario Barth: Leadership Lessons From An Ink Empire

Mario Barth: Leadership Lessons From An Ink Empire on

What distinguishes Barth from other talented artists is that he is not just a creative force. He also understands how to run a successful business and has a natural talent for it.

Barth’s organization has generated some of the fastest-growing clientele in the global industry, making it one of the most successful tattoo businesses in the world. The business serves over 15,000 customers per year. Barth’s immense leadership success is based in fulfilling a purpose, world-class innovation, influential thought leadership, winning talent alignment, executional excellence, continuous improvement, and serving others.

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Mario Barth Wins the Austrian Award For Social Engagement

In one of the biggest moments in Mario Barth's career, he has won his hometown's "Grazer Man of the Year" award. The award was honored due to his social engagment to help breast cancer patients with medical tattoos of the areola after their operations. A duty he quotes as one of the most fulfilling and joyful parts of his career as a tattoo artist. In 2017 he will work with Dr. Thomas Rappl to build a clinic in Graz for medical tattoos.

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Special Guest At the Traditional Austria Oberlandlerball

Mario Barth was invited by Mayor Sigfreid Nagl and Klaus Weikard to the traditional Styrian Oberlandlerball. What an honor! 700 people came together to celebrate Austria's traditional heritage, all wearing their traditional "dirndls" and "anzug". It was an amazing evening that Mario will never forget and he hopes to return again next year.

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One Evening At the Opera in Graz

The ball at the Opera in Graz is one of the most exclusive balls in Austria. The Opera in Graz was built in 1899. More than 2,500 people came to the event this year to enjoy an evening of glitz and glimmer. For Mario it was his first invitation to the ball and he enjoyed the evening with friends both new and old. His thoughts for the future are to bring light to the tattoo art and lifestyle in an event that is just now opening up to the mainstream.

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From Taboo – to Terrific – Tattoos

Not only has entrepreneur, inventor and celebrity tattoo artist Mario Barth found, pursued and excelled in his passion – but he is also dedicated to the endless pursuit of transforming the very industry that he’s embedded in, for the better.

From the opening of the first legal tattoo studio in Austria, to having his own brand  of ink - Intenze Tattoo Ink and studios spanning the country, and even the world.

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Mario Barth Back in Grazer

Vor 20 Jahren hat Tätowier-Legende Mario Barth die Steiermark in Richtung USA verlassen um dort Stars wie Lenny Kravitz oder Sylvester Stallone mit „Peckerln“ made in Styria zu verzieren. Jetzt kehrt der Grazer zu seinen Wurzeln zurück.

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Star-Tätowierer Peckt in Graz

Ein Grazer hat in den USA eine große Karriere mit Bildern, die unter die Haut gehen, gemacht. Jetzt will er von Graz aus den europäischen Markt erobern. Sly Stallone zählt zu seinen Kunden.

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Mario Barth Will Den Gabalier "Richtig Tätowieren"

Der von der Steiermark in die USA ausgewanderte Star-Tätowierer Mario Barth hat nach 20 Jahren nun wieder ein Tattoo-Studio in Graz eröffnet. Er selbst will alle drei oder vier Monate für zwei Wochen in die Murmetropole kommen, um Kunden zu "pecken". Sein Wunsch-Kunde in Graz ist Andreas Gabalier.

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Grazer Tattoo-Szene

Einer der bekanntesten Grazer Tätowierer eröffnet bald ein neues Studio in der Landeshauptstadt – und tritt in Deutschland im Fernsehen auf.

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"PAIN AND FAME" Auf Dem Sixx-Netzwerk Zu Sehen Sein

Las Vegas und Graz, Österreich (ots/PRNewswire) - Mario Barth Enterprises kündigt mit Stolz an, dass der CEO und Präsident des Unternehmens, Tattoo-Legende Mario Barth, in diesem Herbst in der neuen deutschen Fernsehsendung "Pain and Fame" zu sehen sein wird. In dieser Sendung, die zum ersten Mal auf dem Sixx-Netzwerk ausgestrahlt wird, geht es um einen Tattoo-Wettbewerb, in der Künster und deren Musen bei täglichen, anspruchsvollen Aufgaben konkurrieren.

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