Starlight Tattoo has been a landmark for tattooing across the country for years, started by Mario Barth in New Jersey, reaching as far as Las Vegas as the first tattoo studio in a major casino on the Las Vegas strip, and now becoming a worldwide franchise as Starlight Tattoo Austria opens in 2016.

The partnership celebrates two of the most powerful art forms in our culture — music and ink — melding into four extraordinary locations: Starlight Tattoo New Jersey, Starlight Tattoo Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Starlight Tattoo Mirage Hotel and Casino, and Starlight Tattoo Austria.

With a total of four studios, Mario maintains premiere tattoo studios on both coasts and in two continents. Mario Barth's Starlight Tattoo provides its clients with the most reliable customer service that anyone can offer.

Employing award winning, and world-renowned artists, we do our best to ensure that your tattoo experience is in your best interest.

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