Mario Barth began tattooing 30 years ago using the same pigments everyone else used. There were about eight basic colors every tattoo artist could find, and beyond that colors were a mystery.

Feeling limited by this selection of colors, Mario set out to broaden the palette and make his own work more colorful and more efficient. What came of it was the very first 19 colors of the INTENZE Tattoo Ink selection, and since then the line has grown to over 250 different colors.

INTENZE has become a world leader in sterile pigment manufacturing and is sold around the world, distributed in over 20 countries on six continents.Today, years after those first 19 colors were mixed in Mario's garage, INTENZE has progressed to being the world's most technologically advanced ink on the market.

Most of the world's leading tattoo artists use this vegan friendly ink to create the best tattoos of the 21st Century. You can learn more about INTENZE Tattoo Ink and the work of some of these artists at